Top Online April Fool’s Jokes of 2016

With April Fools’ Day coming soon, it’s time to start preparing you jokes! Every year, internet and social media users love to prank others online. April Fool’s jokes are not just done online by normal people but celebrities and companies as well! To get ready for this year’s jokes, here are the top online April Fool’s jokes from last year.


One of the biggest April Fool’s jokes of 2016 was Snoopavision. On YouTube with Snoopavision, users could click a button and watch 360 video with Snoop Dogg! Honestly, if this was real, it would be pretty awesome! The first Snoopavision video to date has gotten over 31 Million Views!

However, YouTube did not stop there! They created a Snoopavision 360 video series just for April Fool’s Day! For example, in “6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon – The Slow Mo Guys in SnoopaVision”, you watch one of the slow mo guys go inside a giant water balloon until it pops! However, in the background you hear Snoop’s hilarious comments like, “Is this what white people do?” Other hilarious Snoopavision videos include “When a Silverback Attacks in SnoopaVision”, and “Crazy Mountain Biking POV in SnoopaVision.”

John Stamos: A Human, Being.

Now, videos of celebrities having tantrums and freaking out is normal. However, Netflix took it a step further. They created a pretend show to show who John Stamos really is. First off, the title is a dead giveaway that this is a prank. The trailer is like one of those lifetime specials about a celebrity who was a legend or struggles in their life. If you didn’t realize watching it that it was fake, the last line, “Lights, Camera, Stamos” is a dead giveaway. No one would make a line at the end of a trailer so corny unless it was fake.

Following the trailer, they release a video of John Stamos freaking out at Netflix. This video on the other hand, is pretty convincing! I even believed it at first especially with Fuller House about to come out. John goes full blown celebrity meltdown bad mouthing Netflix and the Emmys it has won. It’s honestly hilarious!

New Delivery System for Google

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with new tech April Fool’s jokes! Last year, Google created a Google Express spoof video. In it, they show you their newest delivery system for packages: parachutes. No one would every think of using parachutes this day in age. How do the parachute packages get delivered you ask? By drones of course! So instead of the drones just delivering the packages themselves, the drones are delivering the parachutes which then float to the consumer.

Google Photos: Emoji

Another Google April Fool’s joke from last year was their Google Photos spoof. In the video, they introduced a new way to search photos: Emoji. It shows how search by emoji can be done using a corgi. Honestly, searching photos via emoji is actually pretty brilliant! With everyone using emoji’s in texts and online, it’s not too far of a stretch!

Mmm Box

Last year, McDonald’s pretended to launch the “Mmm Box”. The Mmm Box was a monthly subscription where you get a personalized food box based on your lifestyle. The ones featured were “The Artisan”, “The Ribster”, and “The Minimalist”. For example, “The Minimalist” box contained single fry and ketchup! A monthly subscription to McDonald’s honestly doesn’t seem that bad minus the whole “lifestyle” aspect.  

Hopefully after reading those jokes, you will be LOL! I wonder what great jokes will be done this year online? Make sure to be online on April Fool’s Day and NOT fall for the jokes!